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About us

It was in 1989, at the heart of Frankfurt, that we started to treat acute and chronic orthopedic joint and spinal diseases as well as accidents of all kinds, and we have successfully been doing so ever since. The majority of our patients can be treated with conservative measures.

Due to cooperations with and personal contacts to orthopedic-trauma surgeons and specialists of other fields of expertise in Germany and abroad, we are able to arrange for contacts and referrals to specialized surgeons even on short notice.

Our Orthotrain rehablilitation facilty offers therapies for cases of acute and degenerative disorders as well as ambulatory post-surgery rehabilitation measures.

Dr. med. Joachim Baron

Dr. med. Christian Brix

Dr. med. Daniel Fries

Dominic Schmidt

Orthopädische Privatpraxis

Goethestraße 31-33
DE-60313 Frankfurt
fon 069-29 06 02
fax 069-29 67 30

Rehazentrum Orthotrain

Goethestraße 27
DE-60313 Frankfurt
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Goethestraße 31-33 | DE-60313 Frankfurt

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