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We will take your complete medical history when discussing your current troubles and record former diseases and injuries. The examination will show the current state and help set up a therapy plan. This will include current and chronic disturbances.

Cases of spinal disorders, slipped discs and arthrosis, in particular, can often be treated conservatively without surgery.

We have modern ultrasound and digital x-ray imaging devices at our disposal to run diagnostics and can arrange for MRI and CT scans on short notice. Bone density scans and diagnostics in cases of osteoporosis are done by means of a DXA scan. Calcifications and chronic disturbances of tendons and joints can effectively be reduced by shock wave therapy.

Chronic and acute conditions are treated by our Orthotrain physiotherapy team. They also provide for analyses of the back muscles and support well-aimed therapies with this.

Orthopädische Privatpraxis

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