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  • Ultrasound
  • Digital radiography
  • Computer tomography (CT)
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • Bone density scan (DEXA)
  • Neurophysiological diagnostics (EMG, NCV, SEP…)
  • Gait analysis / physiometry / pedography
  • Bone scintigraphy
  • Function diagnostics (Dr. Wolff “Back-Check”)
  • Computer system for general strength and muscle tests
  • Analyses and measuring of the spine and its structure


DIgital radiography

You will only get digital x-ray images from our practice. In addition to their immediate availability, a considerably reduced radiation is an essential advantage of these. Digital x-ray images are of substantially higher resolutions and quality and, with this, provide for a safe diagnosis. Feel free to ask for a copy of your images on CD or paper.


Bone density scans (DXA)

A bone density scan measures the level of mineral calcium salts in the bones. The DXA procedure we use at our premises is the most precise one providing most significant results. The examination takes roughly 10 minutes. It is advisable for men and women to get a first scan from the age of 45 years if they are under long-term cortisone treatments or suffer from thyroid gland diseases, rheumatic disorders or show other risk factors.


spine scan

One of our cooperation partners is the renowned health care supplier and orthopedic technology specialist Mr. Langmeier.

In addition to common orthoses, bandages, etc., they also make and adjust individual splints, supports, partly using carbon milling. Together with Mr. Langmeier and Diers company we also offer a 3D spine analysis to detect axial misalignments as well as deformities of the spine, pelvis and joints to be able to treat patients affected with specific therapies.



Sonography enables us to examine joints, tendons and muscles without x-rays, displaying the joint structure with capsules, tendons and ligaments as well as the cartilage surface, articular effusions and inflammatory reactions. Our sonography devices use the Doppler effect to show increased vascularization that might occur as an inflammatory reaction. The advantage of sonography scans is the possibility to display joints dynamically in movement and in several positions.



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Goethestraße 31-33 | DE-60313 Frankfurt

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Goethestraße 31-33 | DE-60313 Frankfurt

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