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slipped discs

Our aim is to relieve pain and to re-establish physical abilities without surgery. Despite modern surgery procedures, a certain risk of post-surgery scarring and, consequently, chronic pain remains.

In the event of a slipped disc with corresponding symptoms (pain, paralysis, sensory disturbances, etc.), we offer an efficient conservative treatment using injection therapy (neural therapy or lumbar epidural perineural injections).

As soon as the acute pain has been relieved, a rehabilitation period monitored by a physician will follow. In the long run, the MedX strengthening therapy will then yield excellent long-term therapeutic and prophylactic results.


orthopedic pain therapy

Orthopedic pain therapy is used to relieve pain and treat diseases

by means of local anesthetics.

There are several procedures and areas of application

of neural therapy:


  • Trigger point infiltration means that an anesthetic is directly injected into the painful muscle area. Trigger points: hypersensitive, painful spots within the muscles from which pain spreads into affiliated areas.
  • In the case of a nerve blockage, the nerves will briefly become benumbed to interrupt the pain. This is to give the irritated and painful nerve a chance to recover.
  • Infiltrations in the spine area can be done under CT surveillance.

Injections of anesthetics and additional substances into affected areas, such as tendons, ligaments, muscles, capsules or joints.


protective cartilage therapy

The wear and tear of the joints, also arthrosis, is the most frequent orthopedic disease. It is a destructive / degenerative process of the hyaline cartilage that causes pain, inflammations, a loss in functionality and deformities. We offer modern and highly efficient methods that can stop degenerative processes and, at the same time, have a certain protective effect. In general, one can say that the earlier arthrosis is treated, the better therapeutic results will be.

We offer the following therapeutic options:



With this therapeutic procedure, a serum is gained from the patient’s blood that contains high concentrations of anti-inflammatory substances. This will then be injected into the affected joint. Onoccomed (interleukin 1 antagonist) inhibits cartilage degeneration and inflammatory processes in the affected joint.



Therapeutic treatment with autologous conditioned plasma (ACP) is a new procedure to treat joint conditions caused by wear and tear. By means of concentrated growth factors extracted from the patient’s blood, healing and regenerative processes can be stimulated in the joint cartilage.


Hyaluronic acid

This is a naturally produced substance of the human body. There are high levels contained in the joint fluid, for instance, where it serves as a kind of lubricant. Injections of synthetically produced hyaluronic acid into joints affected by arthrosis will considerably improve the joint function without the need to use any cortisone. It will enhance joint mobility and relieve pain. In addition, the joint fluid affected by pathological changes will be replenished and the endogenous production of hyaluronic acid will be stimulated.


Stem cell therapy

A new therapy using endogenous stem cells is offered at Praxis Dr. Baron that could revolutionize cartilage therapy procedures. The treatment has already internationally proved to yield very good results, to notably relieve pain and to enable cartilage regeneration for the first time.

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells, also called “basic cells”. When combined with endogenous growth factors, they can become differentiated, for instance cartilage cells, able to grow and divide. At the same time, they are able to counteract irritations through activating anti-inflammatory cells.

Blood plasma is rich in growth factors and can be extracted from a blood sample that is taken during the treatment. Apart from that, a sample of roughly 30-40 ml of abdominal fat tissue is taken. This can easily be done applying a local anesthetic. The fat tissue from the patient’s body contains about 500 times more stem cells than bone marrow, for example. It is centrifuged afterwards, then mixed with endogenous growth factors and activated by means of a specific sort of light. These activated stem cells can then immediately be injected into the spot affected by arthrosis, e.g into the affected knee or hip joint, to start repair processes. Stem cell synthetics, such as cytokine, have a significant anti-inflammatory impact. To combine anti-inflammatory and repair processes is key to relieving pain.


soft-tissue and joint injuries

In cases of acute soft tissue injuries, such as wounds, patients are immediately attended at our practice. Joint injuries, e.g. from sporting accidents or through chronic changes, are diagnosed and treated in accordance with the most recent guidelines. If surgery becomes necessary, we will arrange for prompt referral to national and international specialists. Post-surgery after care including physiotherapy will all be provided under one roof.


sporting accidents

When doing sports, injuries or other disturbances can occur. An adequate and well-aimed treatment is then key to a fast recovery. In addition to our comprehensive equipment for diagnostics, we have state-of-the-art treatment available for our patients (e.g. activated plasma, stem cell therapy). After stabilizing the patient’s facilities, physiotherapists will help consolidate the therapeutic results and train mobility and strength.


tinnitus - vertigo

There is a very close link in anatomy and function between the organ of equilibrium and the upper cervical vertebra. Apart from lying close in the body, blood-supplying brain arteries are intersecting the lateral areas of the cervical vertebra. At the same time, there is a neuronal link between the brainstem, cervical vertebra, equilibrium organ and the neck muscles. We try to detect and treat functional disorders. In addition to manual therapy, chirotherapy and muscle function analysis, there are neural therapy procedures, drugs and osteopathy therapies that we use to end a large part of such conditions.


chirotherapy | manual medicine

Manual medicine can remove blockages from joint structures and contribute to pain relieve and improved mobility in the case of functional disorders of the joints, e.g. in the spine. So called blockages in the joints can lead to collateral tenseness of related muscles with painful functional disturbances consequently. Mobilization will gently re-establish the normal joint functions by repeating stretching movements. Manipulation, on the contrary, will often lead to the immediate and frequently complete restoration of the mobility through a very fast and short movement performed with notably less strength.


therapeutic neural therapy

Neural therapy is an injection-based treatment which uses local anesthetics to treat pathological processes, such as slipped discs, irritations, wear and tear, etc., directly in the affected segments of the spine. Substances are applied through thin needles. If necessary, an anti-inflammatory agent is added. Effects are achieved by the repeated blocking of pain receptors that are practically desensitized. Each application will enhance this learning effect to, in the best of all cases, make it permanent.



Acupuncture follows the rules of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). We are cooperating with our well-experienced and renowned colleague Xinyu Chen (a graduate from Fujian Medical University).

Besides studying human medicine at university, Mr. Chen’s father and grandfather also handed down their knowledge to him.


in-patient surgery

We have worldwide contacts to specialists of different fields of expertise. We are able - even on short notice - to arrange for contacts with and referral to specialized surgeons in Germany and abroad through our personal contacts and cooperations with specialists in orthopedic-trauma surgery and other fields if surgery becomes necessary apart from conservative therapies. This might be the case for all orthopedic operations as well as injuries that require trauma-surgery or even operations in other fields.




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